Civ 5 class page

                Welcome to Civ 5! 
On this page you will be able to access our daily homework assignments, helpful websites and other important information.  I would recommend browsing the Civ website regularly for important updates, assignments and additional resources.  For easier access, consider "bookmarking" this page on your personal, home computer. 

Homework Calendar: Civ 5

Each day, I'll update and post homework assignments on the calendar.  I would strongly recommend that you check the calendar each day to ensure that you have completed the correct assignments.


                                        For Parents and Students:
Please browse the links below to learn more about what middle school is like, how you can apply helpful strategies for studying, memorizing, writing, or thinking.  Students (parents too!), feel free take time to think about the way you learn, and thus have more success applying your strengths in class, please explore, have fun and learn about yourself as a student.  If you have any questions always feel free to ask, I am best reached at

This is a great site for parents, students and teachers.  The site easy to navigate and set to help you learn more about ways you or your child can study best.  The learning toolbox offers helpful strategies for students who struggle with organization, test anxiety, writing, reading, advanced (critical) thinking,  and note taking.

It's My Life:  School
Click on the link below to learn more about what life in middle school is like.  You can also find great information about how to resolve conflicts with friends, cope with emotional anxiety or discover new study strategies.  This is a site worth looking into if you are curious about what a wonderful experience middle school can be!

What kind of "learner" are you?
Each one of us finds and learns information in different ways.  Find out what kind of learner you are, and think about how you can improve the way that you approach your learning.  By discovering if you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner you can find strategies that meet your needs.  Click this link below to take a short questionnaire.

Multiple Intelligences:  What Does it Mean?
Each and everyone of use undoubtedly has different ways of learning and understanding. This site is helpful for parents , caregivers, students or educators who learning about ways that we can process and learn new material.  This site offers effective strategies that respond to the challenges of learning as well insightful resources that can give a greater understanding to the multiple ways in which we learn.

Getting Started in Middle School
While the transition from Lower to Middle School might seem overwhelming, Middle School can be a place for tremendous growth, fun and excitement! Although Middle School might seem scary and new, you will find that eventually it will be a place for you to discover new ideas and learn and make new friends.  If you have felt scared, overwhelmed or just curious click the link below to find tips about how you can resolve academic and social issues.