Ancient Greece

The Greeks!

Much of  our journey in 5th grade leads to this important time of innovation and thriving intellect.  This unit is significant in many ways, but for most students, they remember one particular day called "Greek Day," which is devoted entirely to celebrating this fascinating culture and all that you learned about it.  You will receive regular updates about this special day as we get closer to the end of the year.  If you are already fascinated by this culture and look forward to learning more about the development of the Greeks,  please browse some of the links I provided below.  Some of them we may discuss in class, but feel free to browse at your leisure.  Enjoy!

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom”
-  Greek Proverb

Additional Resources:
Interactive Digs!  Watch and learn as archeologists document their exploration into an ancient Minoan Civilization called Zominthos.
Click here: