As you all know, reading is a significant part of our class.  Please use this blog to recommend books that you have read to other students.  Be careful not to include spoilers that give away to plot.  See my example below to correctly format your recommendation.

Novel:  The Great Gilly Hopkins
Author: Katherine Patterson
Summary:  Galadriel Hopkins is not your ordinary teenage girl.  She's full of spirit, wit and charm.  Occasionally her big personality overpowers her need to experience friendship, family and love.   Gilly, will become more like a friend who appears hurt on the outside, but does everything she can to conceal it.   At times, you'll wonder why she acts and say what she does particularly you know those words and actions do not match her actual feelings. It's also a good choice for readers who are interested in how historical settings can impact how a character feels and acts.  For example, Gilly must confront racial prejudices and sterotypes that were prevalent in the 1970's.  Gilly is an unforgetable heroine, who brings to life critical issues about race and gender in the 1970's and what it feels like to be part of a family. 


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    February 2010



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