This will be our first time using a blog to share study strategies, ask questions and even answer eachother's questions.  Please be mindful and respectful when leaving comments for others.  It is also expected that you use the proper grammar, spelling and etiquette when leaving responses for one another.

In order to post a comment, answer, study tip or question click "comments" in the upper right hand corner.  You will be prompted for some information, but it will not be public. Use only your first name, for privacy.  I will periodically be checking the study blog please keep in mind that this is a public space and your comments need to be clear yet kind and respectful of one another.  

Click the link below to edit our class study guide on the google doc.  Provide a definition and the significance of only the terms you were assigned in class. 

Class study guide

Happy Studying :)

Ms. Wall

    Japan Test:  Study Guide and Group Discussion

    Hello Girls!
    Welcome to a online study resource.  As we discussed in class we have a test on Japan next Wednesday February 23rd.  Please use this blog to post questions about the test to each other, answer them, share study strategies and even make a class study guide together. 


    February 2010


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