Choose any two terms from your study guide list of terms (hand-out or google.doc)  Take advantage of this opportunity to challenge yourself and make a complex connection.  Define each term then explain the connection between them using the format we practiced in class.  See my example below.

Example Response:
Terms:  Buddha and Kami
a.  Buddha: Buddha was the founder of Buddhism.  He renounced wealth, possessions and desires to end suffering. After attaining enlightenment, Buddha  taught and professed his ideas about life and suffering in his dharma. 
b.  Kami:  Shintoism, a religion in ancient Japan, believes that spirits in nature or kamis inhibit the natural world.
d.  Connection:  The Buddha and the Kami are connected because when Buddhism, the religion founded by Buddha, arrived in Japan, the kami, or spirits in nature, took on a human form that resembled the Buddha.
2/20/2010 02:30:12 am

Terms:Staple and isolation
Staple:A staple is the main type of food in a diet.
Isolation:Isolation is to be seperated or cut off from the rest of the world.
Connection: Staple and isolation are connected because, since the Japanese were isolated, they needed a strong staple food that was predictable.If their staple failed, the Japanese would have alot of problems. They had to depend on themselves to get food since they were seperated from the rest of the world. If their staple failed, they would have no help in solving the problem.

Ms. Wall
2/20/2010 10:40:30 pm

Only one reply?

2/21/2010 03:11:11 am

Terms:Karma and Reincarnation
Karma:Karma, actions, sow seeds that later produce consequences. Good deeds have good results, while bad actions produce bad effects. The results of karma can even go beyond death and affect other lives. Buddhism does not teach that a supreme being created the universe. Instead, they say, whatever occurs happens because something causes it, and everything exists within a giant, interconnected chain reaction.
Reincarnation:The belief that after someone dies the body's soul comes back to earth in a different body. Reincarnation is significant to the culture of Japan because then they can have another life.
Connection:In reincarnation, the belief that after someone dies the body's soul comes back to earth in a different body, is connected with Karma, in my opinion and thought, that what if you had bad Karma, and your consequence was death. Would your soul come back in a new body to give you a new start, to try again. Would you come back in another bad body? I think they connect because for Karma a consequence is death, and reincarnation is that you are "reborn" into a new body. I also have a question that maybe you reading this can answer, if you died of Karma coming to bite you in the butt, would you be reborn into a good girl body, or a bad girl body?

2/21/2010 05:29:33 am

Terms: Meditation and Bharma
Meditation: Meditation is when you reflect on things in your mind, and look at these things in different ways to get different answerd to your questions.
Bharma:Bharma stands for knowlege, and enlightenment.
Connection: the connection between the two words is, when you meditate, you are searching for the truth, something real and that holds the answer to your questions. enlightenmnt is when you find that awaited answer, and can see the truth for the first time.

Ms. Wall
2/21/2010 05:37:19 am

Alexandra, I think you mean dharma not bharma.

2/21/2010 05:58:46 am

Terms: Dharma and Buddha
Dharma: teachings(spiritual) and laws.
Buddha: the enlightened one, specifically Siddhartha.
Connection: Buddha, at first did not teach dharma. After teaching a group of upperclassmen he decided to teach it.

2/21/2010 06:23:22 am

Terms:Meditation and Moderation
a. Meditation:to calm one's self by sitting and answering difficult questions
b. Moderation:one does not spoil or starve him or herself but goes in between these two extremes
c. Connection:Meditation and moderation are similar because when you meditate, you are calm and not emotional. Moderation is similar because you are not starved or spoiled, but in the middle of both.

HannaH the Great Zelda!
2/21/2010 08:29:58 am

Terms: The EightFold Path and Meditation
The EightFold Path: A highly interdependant system in the Buddhism beliefs. It is a system of eight aspects. A buddhist tries to follow all of the steps throughout their life. The eight aspects are Right View, Right Resolve, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfullness, and Right Meditation.
Meditation: Meditation is part of the word family meditate, its "origin." To meditate is a verb, to engage in thought, contemplation, religious contemplation, and to look within spiritually; to reflect.
Connection: One of the eight aspects is Right Meditation, so meditation connects with that. Also, you must be able to meditate very well and deeply to achieve a few of the other eight aspects such as Right View, Right Mindfullness, etc.

2/22/2010 01:18:11 am

Terms: Isolation and meditation
Isolation: is the state of being separated from other things, people, or places.
Meditation:think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation
Connection: You must isolate yourself to be able to meditate in an ver efficient way

2/22/2010 01:26:28 am

Terms:Dharma and Karma

Dharma: The truthful teachings of the spiritual laws.

Karma: How actions sow seeds that later produce consequences.

Connection: If the Buddhist people listened to Buddha and his dharma than they would know about karma and suffering and how to overcome them both.As in making sure that their actions show their good side and not in evil side that could come to the in the future such as karma.

2/22/2010 05:46:14 am

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Terms: Enlightenment and Meditation.
Enlightenment: The action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened.
Meditation: To engage in contemplation, religious contemplation, thought, to reflect, and to see spiritually.
Connection: When you become enlightened, or you are meditating, you are freeing your soul and letting it go bank.

2/22/2010 07:04:38 am

Terms:Enlightenment and Four Noble Truths
Enlightenment:The action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened.
Four Noble Truths:Is the Budda's philosophy on suffering and how to over come it.

Connection:When you overcome suffering you are enlightened because you don't have to be deal with it anymore.

2/22/2010 08:26:23 am

Terms: The Eightfold Path and Etiquitte.
Etiquitte: Manners, the right way to act.
The Eightfold Path: The right way to do things.
Connection: They both have to do with how to do things right.

2/22/2010 11:48:03 am

Terms: Etiquette and Isolation
Etiquette:having etiquette is having manners for the people around you.
Isolation: isolation is being supportive of your own country like when you aren't able to get to other people and places easily.
Connection: they are connected because you need to have etiquette for the people around you when your country in isolated

2/22/2010 08:16:30 pm

Reincarnation and Karma.
Reincarnation: The belief that after death you reappear in a different body.
Karma: The idea that you get punished for every action that you do. Good deeds get good karma, where as bad deeds get bad karma.
Conection: These two words are connected because Buddhists believe that karma follows you in the next life, hence the term reincarnation.

2/22/2010 08:22:57 pm

Terms: Bonsai and Geography
Geography: the way an area's land is naturally.
Bonsai: A small Japanese tree that are very pretty and special to Japanese people.
Connection: Japan's geography was mostly made up of mountians, forcing people to live on the few plains. This resulted in having bonsai in a home, so they could bring nature in. They did this because they needed the land for living, but still wanted nature's beauty.


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