Catherine Called Birdy and Medieval Europe

Dear Readers,

Catherine Called Birdy is novel that will affirm many of your own ideas about being a young adult girl.  You'll find that the main character, Catherine, has tremendous willpower and strength, but her most striking qualities are her exceptional wit and humor.  On every page you'll  follow Catherine's perceptions and ideas about what life was like for a young adult girl in the Middle Ages.  The novel, which is also her diary, will force us as readers to explore what the character is not saying, and whether her perceptions about marriage, family, and love are accurate and well founded.  You'll also learn about what it means to "muck out the privy," how to chase away potential suitors, count your flea bites and how to avoid the drudgery of endless, mindless embroidery.  You'll be swept up in this very convincing tale about a girl who challenges her role in a Medieval society and does so with brave conviction.

Ms. Wall

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