Wild Girls

Dear Readers,

Wild Girls by Pat Murphy is a novel an entrancing novel about two writers who learn tough life lessons at a young age.  The girls struggle to find a voice, find inspiration and eventually all of these conflicts collide on stage.  The characters triumph in the face of challenges, and you'll fall in love with one particularly eccentric character who goes by the name of "Fox."  Fox will remind you how scary it is take a chance, to stand up for yourself, to be brave and to be independent. She might even inspire you to mask your face in war paint! 

The two main characters, Fox and Newt, both come under the guidance of a quirky, yet sophisticated writer and mentor named Verla.  Verla is eccentric, bold and relentless; she challenges the girls to confront hidden troubles.  Their passion for writing builds friendship and trust, but at a cost.  You'll have to read more to find out!

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do!

Ms. Wall