African Mask

The African Mask by Janet Rupert gives us an insightful reading experience about life in a new and different culture.  The story takes place during the Bronze Age in West Africa.  The author paints a rich picture of the Yoruba culture and how people lived in villages and compounds during this time.  While the author does an excellent job at recreating the village life experience, she truly shines when describing the life and struggles of the main character Layo.  Layo, is a young village girl who is trying to figure her role in a complex society.  The society is ruled by customs, worship, elders, ancestors and spirits who guide Layo to her fate.  The plot thickens  when a tribunal in the city of Ife is forced to make a decision that will forever change Layo's life. 

Happy Reading!

Ms. Wall

Yoruba Praise Poetry Recitation with Bata Drumming