What is Civ?
Civ is a hybrid course that stems from strong roots in both History and English.  Its interdisciplinary approach allows students to ground themselves in a clear understanding of themselves and the world around them.  In Civ you can expect to think hard and long about big questions, read about exciting adventures in novels, and learn to write both analytically and creatively. Civ provides a uniquely rich foundation for growth and learning!

How can I use this Civ site?
This site will serve both parents and students as way to find out what is happening in our classroom.  Here you can find your homework assignments, study and organizational strategies as well other exciting ways to grasp a full understanding of the class material. 

Feedback:  While this website continues to grow your feedback is essential.  Your thoughts are always welcomed and appreciated.  Also, know that I am best reached at kwall@springside.org
I look forward to hearing from you.