The Music of Dolphins Unit

Dear Readers,

Throughout the this unit we will focus on learning how to be active listeners in class.  As we read it aloud, we will often stop to pause and reflect on the main character's struggle in a "human" world.  The unit will culminate with a reflective poetry scrapbook activity where you will find favorite passages, lines, characters and more to inspire your own poems.  We will practice learning the different elements of a poem in class, but you will make choices and changes about your work; ultimately reflecting all of your thoughts and feelings about this wonderful, treasure of a novel.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

                                                    Ms. Wall

Listen to La Mer by Debussy, Mozart and Dolphin Sounds and write down what feelings are envoked by the song.   What does this music tell us about Mila's experience in a human and dolphin world?

Experience what is it is like to swim next to a blue whale