Please click on the link below to read an article about King Tut's death.  Choose one of the following bolded question below and write a brief 5-7 sentence response.  Your response will be posted as a comment on the blog for other students to see and read.  Please remember to use the correct grammar, spelling and etiquette in your responses.  Remember the writing on this blog should be your best work and the same style of writing that we use in class

1.  What makes this discovery important for Scientists and Historians?
2.  How can this new technology advance our understanding of life in Ancient Egypt?
3.  Describe one interesting fact about King Tut that was just recently discovered due to the new DNA study.

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Ms. Wall's Example Response:
Question 3
I was surprised when I learned that King Tut actually died from Malaria.  His death makes me wonder how many other Egyptians died from the Malaria, and also if Malaria was more common during the "high" Nile, when the river embankments overflowed with water.  I wonder if the Egyptians had an preventative measures to stop the spread of illness or if they offered sacrifices to the gods as a way to appease angry spirits that might be responsible.  It also made me think about King Tut and how illnesses may or may not have been treated during this time.  I wonder if he was isolated from others during his illness and if they practiced any type of medicine on him. 
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